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Let's begin to make learning to read purposeful and delicious

Using recipes can be a really powerful way to support learning to read by making it purposeful, authentic and delicious.

I'm sharing all of my tips for how to use recipes to help your child with learning to read below in this ultimate guide.

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Hi, I am Sarah Travers

I thought that when my daughter was learning to read we would be snuggled up under a blanket and reading books would be easy.

Being a primary teacher for 5 years and a reading tutor for 2 years, I knew what we needed to do. So it hit me hard when my daughter said reading levels books were boring and she avoided trying to read them.

Was I putting too much pressure on this? Was I worrying too much I was not doing enough? I want my children to be confident readers as it can open so many doors for their overall education.

I wanted it to be like when we would go into the kitchen and start making things together. Sure, there was flour that had missed the bowl and I had said for the hundredth time not to lick her fingers. But there was always progress (or at least something to eat at the end of it!)

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